Jesus in Japan: The little-known legend – Franz Lidz

Bharata Bharati

Jesus in Japan

Franz Lidz“In ancient times … villagers maintained traditions alien to the rest of Japan. Men wore clothes that resembled the toga-like robes of biblical Palestine, women wore veils, and babies were toted around in woven baskets like those in the Holy Land. Not only were newborns swaddled in clothes embroidered with a design that resembled a Star of David, but, as a talisman, their foreheads were marked with charcoal crosses.” – Franz Lidz

To the Tomb of Christ at Shingo, JapanOn the flat top of a steep hill in a distant corner of northern Japan lies the tomb of an itinerant shepherd who, two millennia ago, settled down there to grow garlic. He fell in love with a farmer’s daughter named Miyuko, fathered three kids and died at the ripe old age of 106. In the mountain hamlet of Shingo, he’s remembered by the name Daitenku Taro Jurai. The rest of the world knows him as Jesus…

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Stormy,squaring off, intense week,coping strategies

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Feb 24-March 2


Stormy Monday Astrology Tara Greene party psychic

The 1st of  2 INTENSE Squares between URANUS in ARIES & JUPITER still Retrograde in CANCER  occurs Tuesday Feb 24th @ 11:29 pm PST/ Wednesday the 26th 2:29 am EST.

Both planets are @ 10+ degrees of hell fire and revolution up yours and Family Values  at home.

Strongly Affect the other cardinal signs at 10+ of CAPRICORN AND LIBRA. I assume if you are reading this that you are familiar with Astrological similies.

THIS IS IMPORTANT as the two planets will play a major duet in the GRAND Cardinal CROSS of April 23.

We have felt the attracting beams between the 2 planets since February 16.

They will have their 2nd EXACT square on APRIL 20 and will be in each others faces till MAY 3rd. 

What we’ve seen in the UKRAINE & VENEZUELA is the…

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2 22 Master Number healing from Tara Greene

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Feb 22 is an auspicious day for me.

Yes in Numerology it is 2 22.  

VERY HIGH PRIESTESS energy as number 2= The HIGH PRIESTESS in the Tarot.

She is the Unconscious the dreamworld, the womb, the Moon, feelings  instinct.

#22 is a MASTER NUMBER  symbolizing ENLIGHTENMENT.

It  is the most powerful symbol in the TAROT.

Signifying THE FOOL in the TAROT representing zero- nothing pure potential, all that Is and the attainment of that as well. # 22. 

 It is also the 35th year, OMG I can’t believe that myself.

Of the Anniversary of a very powerful event in my life and two others as well.

It was the day we witnessed a miracle.

A real spirit guide appeared on this night in 1979 in Isla  Mujeres, Mexico. It was unknown to us at the time, we were told it was an island where pirates kept women. that…

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Retronado,Double trouble advice from Tara Greene

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Yes it’s a virtual Retronado as Saturn joins Mars turning Retrograde March 2,

one day after Mars goes Retro on the New Moon in Pisces March 1.

Retrograde Astrology Tara Greene

SATURN turns Retrograde @ 23 degrees 19 minutes Scorpio until  July 19 turning Direct @ 16 degrees 39 minutes. 

MARS & SATURN were traditionally known as the two “MALEFICS.”  Meaning bringing difficulty, originally supernaturally.

So these two Retrograde Planets double deal us the heavy hard stuff. Bad cards, ill omens.

It’s like “THE GRIM” in HArry Potter

Saturn is Trouble, obstacles, the third dimension, the tax-man, Father, Corporations, Patriarchal Authority, elders, karma.

Saturn Retrograde reminds me of the Myth of Sisyphus, who was a deceitful King who was punished by having to push a huge boulder up hill all day, which rolled back at night so he had to keep repeating the same thing for eternity.

It may only feel that way. And…

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