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Weekend UPDATE for June 28

CANCER MOON makes you feel like sticking close to home, the BBQ, lake, pond, pool and just chillin’ with family and friends. Cancer MOON times demand that tummies are filled with lots of good home cooked meals prepared with love.

Moon squares Mars about now its the wee hours so some argumentative, or being pursued by shadows and the like in your dreams.


there will be a healing in the dream, a golden key, a reward, a stranger who steps out of the mists to bring you a gift. Remember what your dreams were when you wake up.


Still in NEW MOON vibes very powerful and potent for BIRTHING THE NEW ANYTHING!

USE the planets and the STARS to manifest your desires,this is is the most ancient form of magic.


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Notes from a Chaos Monasticism…

The Blog of Baphomet

For many readers the concept of ‘Chaos Monasticism’ may seem like an oxymoron. Trying to imagine the archetypally black clad, multiply pierced purveyors of anarchic sorcery seeking quiet and discipline, feels somewhat improbable, and yet this is the strange territory into which I want to take you! As with any spiritual tradition that is undergoing an ongoing process of evolution and maturation, Chaos Magic (now over 30 years old) has sought to balance its punk rock tendencies with more considered, skilful application of quietist technologies from a broad range of magical approaches.

While the concept of monastic endeavour may initially feel somewhat alien to those of us raised in cultures largely influenced by Protestantism, the longing for shaped discipline is often not that far below the surface. The dissolution of the monasteries that occurred during the Reformation, suppressed the monastic impulse within large parts of Western Europe. When however we…

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Anna Merkaba – The Return of Isis – How it Will Affect You – Where You Can Find Her – 6-25-14

Higher Density Blog


Found at Golden Age Og Gaia

Stephen Beckow: Please note: the divine goddess Isis is not to be confused with the so-called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) currently making headlines for its alleged actions in Iraq.


By Anna Merkaba   –    Jun. 24, 2014,


On June 21st, a fantastic event has occurred on planet earth. The wheel has been set in motion and we will finally be able to breathe with release.

On June 21s,t the Goddess that we’ve all been waiting for, for so very long, has returned! Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, she is known by many different names. One of the most powerful goddesses to ever have stepped foot onto earth. Finally she has arrived!

I was pulled into an experience on June 21st, the angles [angels?] have once again raised their trumpets and beautiful music began to spread far and wide throughout the…

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Nessus 7066 and Dejanira 157

neptune's aura astrology


That these are the days that bind you together, forever
And these little things define you forever, forever

All this bad blood here, won’t you let it dry?
It’s been cold for years, won’t you let it lie?

If we’re only ever looking back
We will drive ourselves insane
As the friendship goes resentment grows
We will walk our different ways

But those are the days that bind us together, forever
And those little things define us forever, forever

Bad Blood   – Bastille

Nessus the Centaur abducted Dejanira, Hercules rescued her and fatally wounded Nessus.  Nessus told Dejanira with his dying breath that if his heart’s blood was mixed with Olive Oil and applied to Hercule’s tunic he would never be unfaithful again.  Dejanira believing him applied the blood which burnt Hercules so badly he threw himself on the funeral pyre, Dejanira in grief followed him.

In other versions of the myth…

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