Power “Layering” for Magickians


At first glance this looks like a lesson in magickal correspondences.  But alas, my friend, take that second glance.  What can be called ‘power layering’ is what many magickians neglect to do once they have brought together their various spell components; incantations, herbs, stones, symbols, sigils, etc.  This neglected part of magickal practice is often what makes the difference between a spell that does what it is intended to and one that doesn’t.

Put into the tiniest nutshell I can manage, “power layering” is the practice of bringing ALL OF YOU into the spell.  In my long travels I have observed people that read their spell off a piece of paper with a dull, lifeless, monotone.  They use tools that have not been properly enchanted and call upon deities they have no connection to.  There’s no life, no spark, no POWER.  Magickians that just go through the motions don’t get…

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