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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Nov 9 

with that airy childlike yakkety yakky Gemini Moon all day the mood is generally HAPPY. 

Moon quincunx’s & Venus early in the day

don’t you fret none too long.  Eat your bagels and lox read the New York Times or whatever your Sunday morning relaz ritual is- jogging, couch potato,,,and know that  the WINDS OF CHANGE  are blowing

Moon changes her whims and sextiles  JUPITER.

BIG aspect of the today is

VENUS in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo at 12:41 pm PST/ 3:2` pm EST

 its very  va va voom, sexypot, BURLEQUE SHOW

Venus in Scorpio astro horoscope Tara GreeneVENUS in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo

VENUS in Scorpio- a la Bettie Page, struts her sensuous stuff,

scores what she wants, deeply passionate, a controlling,vixen, scheming,

Scorpio rules the pelvis and sex organs, bump and grind it, 

and Jupiter in Leo- amps that up. Big SHOW time. 

Very fertile if you are trying to get…

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