2014 Sagittarius New Moon


November 22, 2014
4:32 AM PST / 7;32 AM EST / 12:32 PM GMT
0 Sagittarius 07

Get ready to energize. Our outlook on life, relationships and money get a boost from this month’s Sagittarius New Moon. It offers a raw blast of adventure, optimism and expanded perspective.

Like last month’s Scorpio New Moon, this month’s is just barely minutes within the sign, which gives an unrefined and primal quality to its expression.  Sag is enthusiastic, curious, freedom-loving and high-spirited, often prone to find the positive and the humor in anything. The ruler of the sign and this moon is Jupiter, a beneficent, expansive, fun-loving influence, which ups the stakes of any action it nears.  Add to this Venus’s recent entry into the sign, and all these qualities are set to super-charge the atmosphere.

A fundamental fieriness, warmth and appetite for life is resurging. Tap into it. Life force and…

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