The Yurt – In Shamanism

Whispers of Yggdrasil

When talking about a Yurt, we automaticallythink of theMongols and their round houses builtin apeculiar way, but if we look into the ancient peoples of Europe, more specifically the Celts, they also had round houses with apillar in the middleof the house, especially in Old Lusitania, where the European country of Portugal is now placed. Also the American Indians have that costum, they haven’t made their houses in a round shape, but they had the same pillar in the midle, or far into the northern landscapes of Europe in Scandinavia, the Saami people did the same. All of these coincidences have anexplanation, but we must go far into the past, when humankind used shamanism as a spiritual guidance and to communicate with the spirits and gods and for my explanation, i will stick to the Yurt, as an exemple of a tribal building…

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