3xBad and 3xGood

Ring of Sea Salt all around

Widdershins I go when the Moon doth Wane

And the Werewolves howl

By Air and Earth

Water and Fire

So be You bound with this Rite

My Power takes flight into the Night

Take up the Cords in my Hands

1st Knot binds my Intention
2nd Knot binds my Target
3rd Knot binds my Wish
My Will is Cast

My Spell has been Heard

Consecrated Cords

Seducing my Mate

With each wind

Forbidden is Your fate

Don’t try to Battle

No Tug of War

Completely wrapped I thrust all

Come ye…as the Charm is made

I whisper in Your ear

These Knots shall hold the Spell

Until they are undone it will not fade…

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