When a Luciferian Dies

O, Mourning Star. . .

Given this being brought up in the tags and then by someone in another conversation this afternoon; I’ve decided to discuss this a little bit, and hopefully share my take on the situation, if it helps anybody. And of course, I always encourage geniune, relevant discussion on these sorts of things when they come up.

I’ve thought about this a lot, of course-think about this a lot, because I’m one of those sorts of people that likes to throw myself into an existential hair-pulling fit practically every other day, for only TMS himself knows why. I’ve gotten this question before, but needless to say, my response to it didn’t get taken very well. I’ll see if I can spare the sarcasm and self-depreciating humor this time in order for it all to make more sense. And, of course, this only applies to me … not to any other Luciferian…

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