Feb 3 Full Moon

“This month’s Full Moon (3:10PM and energizing 15 degrees of Aquarius and Leo) is a big part of today’s power surge, but you need to be focused and tuned in on very high wavelengths to make the most of its awesome cosmic strength. By the time the Full Moon is precise (3:10PM), it is wise to meditate for clarity and send out your healing thoughts and prayers to humanity, and the kingdoms of nature. The Sun and Moon activating the middle of Aquarius and Leo ignite the so-called Gates of the Avatar – written about by the eminent astrologer Dane Rudhyar in many of his illuminating books. Think of 15 degrees of Leo and Aquarius as celestial gateways to vast universal reservoirs of individual and collective inspiration – inspiration that can be poured forth to enlighten your fellow travelers on the path of divine understanding.” http://www.ishalerner.com/page_37300/cosmic-calendar


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