“Tyr 4: Myth – Culture – Tradition”

Heathen Harvest

Tyr Vol. 4 | Cover Painting By Benjamin VierlingTyr Vol. 4 | Cover Painting by Benjamin Vierling

The year 2014 saw the long-awaited publication of the fourth volume of Tyr, a journal dedicated to the myths, culture, and tradition of pre-Christian, pre-modern Europe. The previous volume was published in 2007, so this latest comes with much anticipation from those interested in serious and scholarly study of Heathenry and European heritage. Volume 4 is likely to satisfy any such person, as it is quite lengthy (over 400 pages), and thus full of a diverse assortment of essays as well as interviews and reviews of books and music.

Tyr 4 opens with two substantial essays, “What is Religion” by Alain de Benoist and “What is Odinism?” by Collin Cleary. In the first, Benoist critiques the psychological, sociological, and biological explanations for religion. He examines the departure of religion from a prominent place in human life due to modernity…

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