Keeping the Faith, Eyvind Kinnrif’s Day

Son of Hel

So today is Eyvind Kinnrif’s Day. For those who are not in the know (and I’m not one of them, sorry) Eyvind Kinnrif was a Norseman who was tortured to death by Olaf Tryggvason because he would not convert from the Heathen religion to the new Christian one. The method, at least what I could find on the web, was that Olaf placed a bowl of burning embers on Eyvind’s belly till it ruptured.

Despite what some may like to say about it being a seamless transition from the Old Religions to Christianity, it wasn’t.

Eyvind’s story wasn’t unique. There’s dozens, hundreds, of stories like his. I remember reading in one book on the vikings, that when one man refused to convert, they Christian forces forced a metal tube between his teeth and fed a live snake down his throat, leaving him to die as it dug it’s way out.

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