Granada’s Manchester plays


Granada on-screen identAs I have been compiling our first list of one hundred television plays (part four is here) I have come across both single dramas and groups of plays about which I previously knew nothing. One of the most interesting of the latter is the collection of ‘Manchester repertory plays’ produced by Granada on an occasional basis between 1958 and 1962. These were highly-praised adaptations of dramas associated with Annie Horniman’s Gaiety Theatre in the years between 1908 and the First World War.

Twelve broadcasts were made of Gaiety plays or of plays by writers closely associated with the theatre. The adaptations were mostly by Gerald Savory from originals by Harold Brighouse, Stanley Houghton, Allan Monkhouse and Elizabeth Baker, and the scripts of six (although not those by Elizabeth Baker) were published as Granada’s Manchester Plays (Manchester University Press, 1962). The productions were recognised both as celebrations of…

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