Moina Mathers

Vestigia Nulla Retrosum
Moina Bergson Mathers, wife of MacGregor Mathers. This is one of the few known picture of this lady. It was probably taken in the 1880s when she was Mina Bergson. She was the first non-founding member admitted to the order in March 1988.

Vestigia Nulla Retrosum
Moina Mathers, this time as a priestess of Isis, in about 1900. Back when she was in art school, in the late 1880s, she met and became friends with Florence Farr, and Annie Horniman. The three of them used to hang out in the British Museum, dabbling in Egyptology and mystical books. By a strange coincidence Mathers, Yeats, Waite, and Machen were know to hang out there at the same time, looking for similar books.


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