William S. Burroughs – Nothing Here Now but the Recordings

Heathen Harvest

Nothing Here Now but the RecordingsNothing Here Now but the Recordings

Regarding this re-issue of the William S. Burroughs collection, Nothing Here Now but the Recordings, the theme of this release could very well be others “saving” material that they found important to be carried on and re-discovered. For years, Dais Records co-founder Ryan Martin has been talking with Genesis P-Orridge about this collection: “of tape recorder experiments and spoken work ‘Cut-ups and cut outs’ originally recorded in the ’60s and ’70s.”

This bizarre compilation of experiments was shelved into the rabbit hole of the Burroughs archives and forgotten, only to be unearthed over many years later at the insistence of P-Orridge, largely deemed not of great importance to be heard by a wider audience to Burroughs himself.

P-Orridge had heard of Burroughs’ tape experiments and spent nearly a decade convincing the writer to sanction their release. Finally, in 1981, after a period of tireless…

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