Mars enters Taurus, sexy bulls Astrology

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Mars enters Taurus March 31 -May 11

Mars, the male action planet fires into feminine earthbound VENUS’s territory now. Mars sexies up All Taurus people and things. But Mars is weakened in Venus’s feminine abode and also when he in the opposite sign he rules, Scorpio. But the warrior needs to take off his armour and rest his body and recoup from the wars.

MARS in Taurus is like the Tarot card of the Prince of Disks

Mars in Taurus Tarot Tara Greene

In ancient times it was recognized that warriors had PTSD. When they returned from battles, they first had to go to the sacred temples of the Goddess to be cleansed and renewed from their sin of bloodshed. There they were healed of their traumas by ritually being made love to by menstruating Tantric priestesses who embodied the Goddess. These women  possessed magical healing powers because of their sacred menstrual blood and their dedication…

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