You’re an animal, shine on Easter Monday

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Happy Easter Sunday! Resurrection time.

Yes the eclipse came and went and I feel the pressure has lifted. You too?

I am Spring Cleaning,and we do an eclectic mix in our household, Passover last night, Easter Sunday today. We are Holiday “whores” you could say. We celebrate everything. We are pan-spiritual. 

Moon enters Scorpio a fitting sign for EASTER symbolism.

Moon opposes MARS in Taurus later in the day. makes for stubborn horns locked mood. Taurus peeps will be snorting mad. 

April 6  carries a big wallop – there are tons of planetary contacts

Scorpio Moon trines Neptune early a.m. 

INTENSELY Sexual and spiritual. This can mean a night of intensely sexual imagery in your dreams and also connecting to ancestors and departed loved ones.Its a good time to meditate. 

 MERCURY in ARIES trine JUPITER in LEO – in the morning. 

this is good for waking up early, smelling the…

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