Square Keys of April 21, 2015


We note a complex pattern of overlapping Square Keys that begin about 8 AM CDT and end about 2 PM CDT on April 21st.  Here is the basic pattern at the beginning:

Square Key of April 21st

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Since this pattern lasts for about six hours, maps are not applicable here (with the possible exception of points when lunar aspects perfect).  (We will not present maps for this pattern.)

A number of interesting patterns happen this day, including two overlapping Grand Trines which are part of overlapping Kites:

Grand Trines Overlapping 2015-04-21

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that startlingly this pattern looks like a “Star of David” although it is not classified as a Star of David pattern by Solar Fire 8 (SF8).

We find that a Yod is present also.  This makes this a day about decisions, and the decision is between a path that involves trust/mistrust on one hand (Juno) and another path that…

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