The Witches Pyramid – West



Karina turned to me and said, “But I’ve never done this before. It’s a lot of money. I mean, I could spend all this money recording my songs and no one buys them.”

“What does your heart say?” I replied. Sometimes, and it depends on the individual, the heart says, “It’s time to Dare.”

In the previous post we talked about Fire. Now, we’ll discuss the element Water, which is West on the Witches Pyramid.

Water represents to Dare.

In this series of posts, we started with Air, which gave us the idea. Then we proceeded to Fire which was to Will and to desire the change, and get it moving into reality. Now we focus on Water because we need to Dare to accomplish the change.

Wanting to change isn’t enough, we need more energy associated to the process. We need to Dare to do it!

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