Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency | The Venus Files – Venus cycle

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency | The Venus Files – Venus cycle.

more on Venus and Jupiter Plus they are both TRINING URANUS July 1st.

Anything can happen in the money markets especially as Venus rules $ and in Leo it is Big finances and Uranus is chaos and sudden change. Greece….

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Dancing with the Stars, Jupiter, Venus,Love Luck

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Dancing with the real stars. VENUS and JUPITER are dancing cheek to cheek in the skies. The Goddess of love and beauty, relationships and grace and the largest planet Jupiter, planet of optimism, trust and faith come together in Leo sign of the Will.

The symbolism of these two planets energies and symbols is expressed totally in the Book of the Law { Liber Al } by Aleister Crowly who created the Thoth Tarot. The central philosophy of Thelema is in two phrases. “Do what thou wilt and harm none shall be the whole of the Law” and Love is the law, love under will. ” Will is Thelema in Greek and Agape is Love. 

Love and Will is also the title of a famous psychoanalytic book by Rollo May. “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it’s conformity.” – Rollo May.

 Venus Jupiter Astrology Tara Greene

Venus and Jupiter as…

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Calling your power back

This is from my friend, the highly Piscean & genius Marcella Kroll and i think it is SUPER APT for this Full Moon in Capricorn week. Sometimes we don’t even realize it but by obsessing and fixating on something/someone – even it is righteous rage or sane love affair, we’re eroding our strength.  Full Moons like this one – opposite Mars and pre a Mars-Pluto smackdown mid-month, totally about power.  Even things that you think have nothing to do with “power” this week are ALL about that.

We give our power away when we say yes to the things we want to say no to. As well as when we say no to things we want to say yes to. Giving our power away can reek havoc on our self esteem, confidence, and mojo. You may feel that you don’t have a choice in some situations, because you need the job, it’s your family, or your partner, and you feel like you don’t want to rock the boat. Perhaps it’s something more intense, like a traumatic situation that you keep replaying, a fight, or feeling guilty or bad for not doing what you though you should have. Over a prolonged amount of time, the imprint of these situations can lead to depression, unhealthy partnerships, martyrdom, and repeated patterns of breaking down your confidence. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer!

You can start to make changes that invite your personal power back, so you can stop harming your well being, and start living as a healthy powerful person. If you have a negative perception of being powerful, that might cause a bit of a problem. As you may fear being a bully, a tyrant, or egocentric. If this is the case, you might want to reacquaint yourself with what it means to be powerful and a force for good. Be inspired by leaders, artists, activists, and others that own their power and do so with grace. I’m sure they were all scared, or nervous, but at some point they had no choice but to just be themselves.

Calling your power back can be as simple or as ceremonial as you want it to be. A simple action could be you finally giving yourself permission to do something you have always wanted to do, but have put it off repeatedly because of fear. Now is the time! Write that book, take that class, sing that song in public, tell someone your dream. The domino effect will begin to trigger energy into your life, and more situations that allow you to express your self-empowerment in healthy ways will begin to show up.

Now if you want to get more ceremonial do the following. First, find a sacred space at home or in nature, where you will not be interrupted. If you want to light sage or burn incense or palo santo then please do. The more witchy the better. Call on your Guides, the Universe, Ancestors, a Power Animal, or Spirit (you can call who or whatever benevolent forces you like to work with to join you). Ask them to be present with you and witness as you boldly state. Please feel free to ad-lib and include names or the situation if it helps. Repeat as often and as necessary as needed.

“I now call my power back from anyone, any situation, belief, or event that has held it before now. I invite my power back with ease, grace, and gratitude, right now, and so it is.”




The fallen Angel Lucifer, at the head of an army of rebellious Angels, rebel against a fascist God Emperor of Dune world Mars.


The rebelling Angels seek to stop the God Emperor and his machismo Stormtroopers, constructing an ‘end of days’ Iapetus death star, orbiting Saturn.


But the rebel Angel Lucifer is flung down to Earth, as a fallen Dragon, along with legions of rebellious Succubae.


Such a Biblical war in Hollwood heaven, is quite ‘St George’ Lucas evocative of Star Wars.

But who exactly is this Lucifer? Well, the name of the fallen Angel Lucifer is originally derived from the Latin words ‘Lucem Ferre.’


The name literally means: light-bearer, which in that language is used as a name for the dawn appearance of the planet Venus from where women are said to come, whom inspire artists as their Angelic dream Muses.

The planet Venus heralds the dawn break of…

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Venerable Bhikkhuni Dhammananda



Not allowing women the basic right to live a life of choice comes very easy, often times taking reasons from past stories, simply passing prejudices through generations and many times without much justification.

Here’s a story of not just one woman but a mother and daughter who stepped out of the box by simply living the life that felt right to them.

Venerable Bhikkhuni Dhammananda (born Chatsumarn Kabilsingh on October 6, 1944 (age 70))(2) was the first woman in Thailand to become an ordained Theravada Buddhist monk. Theravada means ‘doctrine of the elders’, it’s one of the largest movements in Buddhism and is popular in countries including Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand.

Ven. Dhammananda’s decision to seek ordination was hugely controversial. She was criticised by conservative Buddhist leaders, who said it was wrong for women to wear the robes. Ven. Dhammananda had to travel all the way…

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Gay Marriage, Astrology State of the Union, Tara Greene

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

The history making Supreme Court decision to make Gay marriage legal in the United States June 26 2015 is  symbolic of the outer transpersonal planets shifting long-held beliefs about homosexuality. That is an Aquarius ideal ruled by the Planet Uranus.

gay rights U.S. Tara Greene astrology

U.S. Natal chart gay marriage Tara Greene

Gay Marriage Legal in U.S. June 26 2015 with Natal Chart if America

Transiting Pluto is Retrograde now, back to 14 degrees of Capricorn now and it has hammered the U.S. Sun in Cancer and the U.S. Natal Saturn in Libra.  Pluto will Retrograde back to 12 degrees 58 minutes in September and aspect the U.S. Sun twice exactly in the next few months. PLUTO is control, power, secrets, money and sexuality and the U.S. SUN is its ego and identity. Uranus and Pluto created the 60’s sex drugs and rock and roll revolution and now they are continuing to make the U.S. and the world change, transform and rebirth itself…

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