Witch’s Body/ Witch’s Mind

Fallen Furies

Goth woman outdoors portrait

During my meditations this week, I’ve been struggling with Inner and Outer Temples and how they can work together.  It’s always been common knowledge for me that witchcraft involved both the physical and spiritual, but I still didn’t feel like I got it.  I began trying to use different tools to help my logical side make sense of it all.  In the most basic form, I thought of my inner self and outer self as the separation and was curious how they communicate and work together.  When I used this model, I could connect to my body but not my mind.  Even though my inner temple was suppose to be my mind, it felt more connected to aspects of my self.  These aspects were auras, psychic energy, vibrations, things that are still connected to the body somehow.  The I could connect to my body, but not my mind. This caused…

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