Ecstatic Ritual by Brandy Williams

The Esoteric Book Review

Ecstatic Ritual by Brandy Williams

Review by Stephen Blake for the Esoteric Book Review

Ecstatic ritual is published by Immanion Press

The main problem with approaching sex magic for the first time is not an ignorance of the techniques, but a whole load of baggage about sex. There’s still the stigma that sex is naughty or bad, that we shouldn’t have lots of partners, that it should only be within marriage, that the naked body is something to be embarrassed about… body issues alone affect a huge number of people, helped along by advertising and societal pressures.

So it’s quite reassuring to find that this book doesn’t even mention the actual magic in the early chapters. Instead it starts on the basics you’re going to need to be comfortable with your body, and a sexual partner. This part of the work is massively significant, and often missed when an author…

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