Italian Witches and Mystics

Notes on Herzig’s “Witches, Saints, and Heretics”

Lucy Brocadelli – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org250 × 381Search by image Blessed Lucy Brocadelli depicted in a fresco in her burial chapel in the former Cathedral of Narni

Stephania Quinzani

Blessed Osanna of Mantua or Ossana Andreasi – June 18 – Plinio … http://www.traditioninaction.org350 × 233Search by image The incorrupt Body of Blessed Osanna

Catherine of Sienna

Kingdom of Bohemia

Kingdom of Bohemia

Herzig’s thesis is that Heinrich Kramer, the author of Malleus Maleficarum, spent the later part of his life propagating the cult of 4 female Italian mystics, which is surprising, since MM is fanatically anti-woman, and was the basis of the witch hunts in the following centuries. She says, “Instead, it should be reconsidered in light of the peculiar religious conditions at the close of the fifteenth century, and especially in light of the growth of heretical sects which threatened the monopoly of the Catholic Church on the eve of the Reformation.”

Kramer – Clippeum


Brocadelli lived in Ferrera.


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