When Aeterna reached her 3rd Saturn return at the age of 89, she decided it was time to go. The witch gathered the necessary herbs. She gave a letter to her attorney to be opened in 3 months. She went to a quiet place in the woods, which was really an old family property. She was wearing a black lace dress, a black cape, black heeled boots, and a black conical hat. And then she sat and meditated for 60 days. She meditated on the Goddess, nature, and the journey of death – 60 days meditating and eating herbs, as a Zen monk performing sokushinbutsu. At night, she meditated, and projected astral dreams. Returning to the Goddess Womb of Chaos.

In 90 days was found the body of a mummified witch in the woods. The spot became a shrine; a small temple to the Witch Goddess.


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