Episode 12: Bible Study 101

Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig

This week’s segment is inspired by the all-too-common occurrence of self-identifying Satanists attempting to “debunk” Christianity with incorrect or misunderstood claims about the biblical texts. It is entirely irrelevant to me if someone opposes Christianity or not (or any other religion), but time and again, usually on the interwebz, people in various Satanic forums make statements about Christianity that reveal their own ignorance of the subject. They rant against Christianity or proudly proclaim to have burned a bible! My response is always the same: did you burn the bible fearing its contents, did you feel lured to salvation, were its ideas appealing? No? Then treat it as if it were any other religious book; a neutral text, but one capable of providing useful information. To be blunt: if Christianity makes you that angry, it has power over you, and your draw to Satanism is reactionary, not proactive.

Remember, “Satanism demands study…

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