5 things you must do on a Void of course Moon

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

It’s a short week this week. The Moon is taking a big break and is Void of Course from Oct 12 @ 5:06 pm PDT/ 8:06 pm EDT at the Libra New Moon and will remain Void of Course until Tuesday October 13 until 2:39pm PDT/ 5:39 pm EDT when the Moon enters SCORPIO.  This extends these New Moon energies. A Void of Course Moon can last only minutes, or hours, rarely this long.  It is a time when you can meet the Moon nakedly on Her own terms. So take time to re-contemplate your New Moon intentions.

Selene Machard Astrology horoscope Tara Greene

It’s a time in which the moon is changing signs and is makes no aspects or contacts to any planets. La Luna is totally solo, Virgin, meaning at one with herself, and not in a relationship, which for the moon is very unusual. The Moon…

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