Day of Reina Sigrith


Day of Reina Sigrith




Nov 09 Every year


9 of November – Day of Reina Sigrith. Reina Sigrith, widow of Rey Erik the victorious one of Sweden, was promised in marriage to king Olaf Tryggvason with the condition of which the queen became to the Christianity. I do not think to leave my beliefs, nor those of mine, she responded. Olaf struck it with a glove and she left, but she later took revenge years when urging the battle in which Tryggvason died. Beam five things by asatru, one by each finger of the glove of Olaf, and remembers that great lady.

Fogmoon 9 – Day of Remembrance for Queen Sigrith of Sweden: When Olaf the Lawbreaker had been king of Norway for three years, he asked Queen Sigrith of Sweden to marry him. She agreed, but when he insisted that she give up her ancestral Gods Sigrith replied, I do not mean to abandon the faith I have led, and my kinsmen before me. Nor shall I object to your belief in the god you prefer. As usual Heathen tolerance was met with kristjan imprecations and a blow to the face. The wedding was off – depriving Olaf of political power that could have sped the christianization of Scandinavia. As it were, history tells us that the Heathens held on for over 300 more years in the Northlands. Hail Sigrith, defender of Asatru, and women of stubborn virtue!


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