New Years Eve, split moods, horoscope

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

New Year’s 2016 will take place under two very different moods depending on where you are in the world.  The moon will transit from VIRGO to LIBRA creating two different moonscapes. Some time zones will experience New Years under a Void-of-Course Moon!!!

2016 new years blessingsIf you live in PST or MST you will usher 2016 in under a LIBRA MOON. But the rest of the world will usher in 2016 under a VIRGO MOON. This is an interesting split in the realities and moods of Western North America  to the rest of the world. 

BTW there will be a huge magnetoshock to the earth starting Dec 30 and Dec 31 because of two huge solar mass ejections from the sun. There will be amazing aurora borealis visible as far south as San Francisco if the weather is clear. You may feel tired, dizzy and nausea. These CME’s create earthquakes and they happened…

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Christmas Tree

Meditation Travelogue

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Today, I send into your meditation a Christmas tree. Few things are quite as beautiful, even in their simplest garb, as a Christmas tree standing alone in the corner of a darkened room. With the children off to bed and even the fire burned down to embers, its value transcends holiday gifts and punch bowls full of nog. In the quiet of the late evening it shimmers and draws all into the mystery. Though the light cast is not bright, there is a magic within it notwithstanding. The ambience of the tree pulls us in as surely as moths to a flame. As a symbol of late December it has brought the Christmas holiday into most homes whether Christian or not. We are drawn to the flickers of light that dispel the darkness about it, regardless of our secular or religious notions. All have come to share in…

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Mothers Meditation Cancer Christmas Full Moon

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

The Cancer Full Moon Mother Meditation
by Agent 129 TARA GREENE Cosmic Intelligence Agency 

The Full Moon, December 25, Christmas Day @ 11:11 am GMT is a very rare occurrence. It hasn’t happened since 1977 and the next Christmas Full Moon won’t happen until 2034. The message is be in the now and don’t miss it. At 3+ degrees Cancer it is the sign of the Mother, the Great Mother, receptivity, family, nurturing, food, the stomach, instincts, intuition, the oceans, nourishment, emotional safety, security, Home, roots, foundation, the womb, protection, the matrix.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign governed by the Moon. This is a beautiful Full Moon synchronicity as Christmas is all about celebrating birth, family, giving and children. This Christmas will be a very emotionally loaded situation. The connection to the Divine Mother and her Divine Child brings unconditional Healing love for all the children of the…

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