Numerology 2016, Card of the day

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

2016 Numerology reduces to the number 9. The Number 9 symbolizes completion. During 2016  we are ending what we began 9 years ago in 2008. It is the Arcana of The Hermit. Get used to the idea of being a hermit. If you don’t like your own company how will you be able to be in a relationship?  Knowing and liking  one’s self is a prerequisite for being in a good relationship.

We need to turn within for down time.  Living a quieter life, being introspective, listening to you  inner authority is the way to go. Hermits drop out of the rat race, they follow the wisdom of their own Higher selves, they do not need to communicate with others 24/7. Hermits value simplicity, DIY, live slow, 100 mile diets, enjoy nature more than clubs and live a simpler more down to  earth humble existence. 

The Hermit 2016 Tara Greene

The HERMIT, card of the…

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