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Meditation Travelogue

Attached is one of my videos developed for my Facebook page, It’s been an interesting evolution. When the book came out I felt that pit in my stomach of wondering how I’d promote it. Marketing isn’t my forte. Then, over time, I started playing with videos and my larger ideas, not only about the book, but my own spiritual perspective. I focused less on selling a book and more on talking about ideas, viewpoints, as I would a client or a friend. The videos are evolving and the process is becoming easier.

It’s a bit strange looking at myself in this way. I’ve discovered I say “really” and “powerful” a lot and “like” is tossed around liberally, too. I rock when I speak. Literally I rock back and forth. Who knew? For such a happy person I have the worst frowning crease in my forehead. Where did that come…

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  1. Many blessings, my friend….

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