A canine god?

Golden Trail

There is one ancient Iberian god called Quangeio, an obscure deity of uncertain function, since very little is known about Him. In this, He is not an isolated case, given that pre-Christian Iberians left no detailed account of their myths and customs, with only a handful of Classical authors providing us with a few lines of text, though not from first-hand observation. So for the most part, the only surviving traces are Roman-period altars on which theonyms were written, occasionally with some extra information and depictions, which together with the context of the pieces and identity of the worshipers may give us an idea of the nature and popularity of those deities. Even then, though, when compared to what we know about other Iberian gods, the information on Quangeio is scarce, leaving modern polytheists with little more than hypothesis they may or may not chose to follow in their…

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