Sagittarius political activism, Bye bye Jupiter

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Thursday is Thor’s day in honor of the King of the Planets, Jupiter or Jove. The largest planet governs SAGITTARIUS and PISCES traditionally. As J. spends his last day in 12 years in VIRGO, he is cleaning up as he exits, leaving everything as it was when he entered Virgo. Jupiter has learned to watch his P 7 Q’s, take care of his health, budget and be punctual while in Virgo. 

Jupiter Astrology Tara Greene

He’s off to a new adventure in LIBRA Sept 9 @ 4:18 am PDT.

Today JUPITER is in his glory. The Moon is in SAGITTARIUS since late last night and will remain in the horsey set sign until Sept 10 in the a.m. 

Moon conjuncts SATURN in SAG.

Saturn in SAGITTARIUS governs politics and justice. Sagittarius rules religions. Indigenous natives are peacefully protesting to block the Dakota Access pipeline company from raping and illegally destroying their own sacred lands. The private…

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