Unearthed 12,000-year-old Female Shaman in a Cave near Galilee site, called Hilazon Tachtit

Elder Mountain Dreaming @gmail


A well-preserved finding in burial cave from the Natufian of the era 12,000 years ago sheds light on the complex rites and rituals of the prehistory. The bones of a shaman woman who was lying in her burial site, surrounded by 86 tortoise shells, an eagle’s wing, a leopard’s pelvic bone, a complete deer, a tailbone from a cow, and a myriad of other bones and objects, at the Hilazon Cave. The prehistoric grave was in the Galilee area of northern Israel. The clan was living in a hunter-gatherer society, were and much more has been discovered buried with the female shaman.


The unique features of the woman’s interment have shed new light on all of human society during the late Natufian era 10,800-9,500 BCE, and on how the ancients treated their rites and rituals according to the archaeological team led Prof. Natalie Munro of Connecticut University and Prof. Leore Grosman of…

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