Day of the Dead, 5 things to do to contact spirits

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Nov. 1 It’s the Day of the Dead and All Saint’s Day in the Catholic version of this ancient pagan custom.  The SCORPIO SUN trines NEPTUNE in PISCES @ 1:16 am PDT/ 4:16 am EDT/ 8:16 am GMT

This is a perfect synchronous alignment of the planets with the Day of the Dead.  The Scorpio Sun is in the time and Sign of Death and Rebirth. In the Tarot, #13 arcana is death and the symbol of Scorpio upon it. 

Tarot cards Death Tara Greene

NEPTUNE the planet which governs PISCES also governs the realm of spirits, the other worlds, our imagination, ESP, psychic energy, and the dream worlds where our dearly departed contact us the most easily.  This is the perfect alignment to contact the spirit world with. The veils are truly open between the worlds. If you can take the day off just to meditate, to dream, to soak in the tub or…

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