Numerology 1 17 2017

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

The Numerology of today, well It just looks nice. Like a code, some kind of Fibonacci sequence?

The significance of 17 in 2017, The Number 17 in the TAROT is THE STAR

“I am always growing with wisdom and spiritual knowledge.”

The Romantic Victorian Tarot deck

This is a traditional but non-traditional take on the Star. The card is a symbol of joy and hope. Literally wishing on the stars. The star is always VENUS, the wishing star so bright at her Western elongation now in Pisces. Most people think the STAR is a water related card but it is not. It symbolizes AQUARIUS. The Goddess pouring water symbolizes cosmic consciousness. Water is the emotions, the karmic element.

AQUARIUS is a detached air sign of higher consciousness. It is also a symbol of revolution, bucking the system. Anonymous, hackers, freedom fighters. This card signifies seeing beyond the minutiae in your physical…

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