The London Temple in astrogeography

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The London Temple in astrogeography

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The Temple Church in London was built in late 12th-century by the Knights Templar as their English headquarters. During the reign of King John Lackland (1199–1216) it served as the royal treasury, supported by the role of the Knights Templars as proto-international bankers. It is jointly owned by the Inner Temple and Middle Temple Inns of Court, bases of the English legal profession. Temple Church is famous for being a round church, a common design feature for Knights Templar churches, and for its 13th and 14th century stone effigies

Temple Church in London has both coordinates in Sagittarius photo: John Salmon, ccbysa2.0

Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the Church Temple itself: both astrogeographical coordinates…

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