One of the best days all year is this week

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In spite of all the RETROGRADE BLUES which is a HOLY REDIRECT you know, there are some High points too.  One of those is this weekend.

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Astrology paiting by Brigid Marlin

There are only two dates in the entire year when the SUN, SOL, the source, the Light, the most powerful STAR of all in our Galaxy who is the KING, God, Zeus, Helios, Apollo, by any other names, and the planet JUPITER, the biggest planet, also known for being a great benefactor, optimistic, confident, risk-taking, blessings giver, aka THOR, Yahweh, etc, connect with each other.

In Astrology in order of importance and power, the aspects rank as 1. Conjunctions, 2. oppositions and then 3. squares as major aspects. 


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The conjunction is the most powerful and happens only once a year. This year it is on OCTOBER 26…

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Friday, Goddess Frigg, origin of the F word

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Friday, they used to say TGIF which means thank Goddess it’s Friday. Vendredi in French. This day honors and is sacred to the goddess and the planet VENUS, Goddess of LOVE, beauty, relaionships and all things Feminine. 
Venus is known by many names but in English she is associated with the Nordic/Germanic Freya or Frigg in Nordic mythology/spirituality. Frigg’s day = Friday.  Her name, Proto-Germanic “Frija” which means FREE.
Old English “Friga”. Old Norse “Frigg”. Proto-Indo-European (PIE) “Priy-a” or Frida as in Frida Kahlo, name destiny there. 
Freya, Frigg, Venus, Friday, The F word, Tara Greene
“Freyja and the Necklace” by James Doyle Penrose (1890)
Eating fish on Friday’s, which Catholics borrowed from ancient, ancient customs is to venerate Venus, born from the sea, and women’s vagina’s smell like the sea. Venus is exalted in PISCES. Catholics are eating the Goddess by eating fish, a very sexual metaphor. Christ is associated with the AGE OF PISCES which is…

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The Artwork depicts a Siberian shaman drum. The drum in Siberian shamanism, in particular, is symbolised as being the trance horse the shaman rides into an ecstatic state of consciousness. The motif of the horse is often symbolised as being an eight-legged Mare. 

The eight-legs of the Mare represent the eight cardinal directions, which are also associated with the eight points of a ‘cube.’ Hence in the Tarot card of the ‘horned’ Devil XV, which depicts a demonised ‘horned’ shaman, he is traditionally depicted seated upon a ‘cube,’ you could imaginatively associate with the TARDIS of Doctor Who, since the shaman saw the drum as a macrocosmic tool, that empowers his microcosmic trance ingress into other (inner) realities.

At the centre of the ‘cube,’ and at the centre of the eight cardinal directions you have a ninth point. Whereby the eight-legged Mare was also associated with the world tree interlinking…

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The Artwork depicts a Yakut Shaman, whose trance drum is symbolically seen to be the genie bottle abode of the his Spirit Wife, who visits him within his lucid dreams.

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The European classification of the Spirit Wife is usually based upon a medieval perception, which considers the Spirit Wife to be a demonic entity, called a Succubus.

Western psychology, during the Soviet era, once considered the Spirit Wife complex of Siberian shamanism and that of other shamanic cultures to be a mental aberration, or that of fantasy prone individuals indulging themselves in erotic delusions. However, the psychologist Carl Jung otherwise saw the Spirit Wife/Succubus as being an archetypal aspect of the ‘Anima.’

Jung saw the feminine archetype of the ‘Anima’ as being the personified intermediary…

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